State University with Trademark on Burnt Orange NYT and More

Understand State University with Trademark on Burnt Orange, The state university that holds a trademark on burnt orange is the University of Texas. This unique color is deeply tied to the university’s identity, representing its rich history, culture, and traditions.

Historical Background

Burnt orange became the official color of the University of Texas (UT) in 1928. It distinguishes UT from other universities and symbolizes pride for students, alumni, and fans.

  • 1928: Burnt orange was officially adopted.
  • 1960s: The specific shade was standardized.
  • Today: The color is used across all UT branding and merchandise.

NYT Crossword Clue

The New York Times (NYT) featured a crossword clue related to this trademark. The clue appeared in the NYT Mini Crossword on March 14, 2024.

  • Clue: State university that has a trademark on burnt orange
  • Answer: TEXAS

Importance of Burnt Orange

Burnt orange signifies more than just a color for the University of Texas. It reflects the essence and spirit of the institution.

  • Identity: Central to UT’s branding.
  • Unity: Connects the university community.
  • Tradition: Reflects long-standing customs.

Trademark Information

The University of Texas holds a trademark on burnt orange, which allows the university to control the use of the color, ensuring it remains unique to UT.

  • Trademark Protection: Guarantees exclusive usage.
  • Brand Uniformity: Maintains consistent branding.
  • Legal Rights: Provides legal recourse against unauthorized usage.

Quick Facts about the University of Texas

  • Location: Austin, Texas
  • Established: 1883
  • Mascot: Bevo the Longhorn
  • Colors: Burnt orange and white

Academic Excellence

The University of Texas is renowned for its robust academic programs, research initiatives, and distinguished faculty.

  • Top Programs: Engineering, Business, Law, Medicine
  • Research: Groundbreaking research in various fields
  • Faculty: Esteemed scholars and industry leaders

Athletic Success

UT’s athletic teams, known as the Texas Longhorns, play a crucial role in the university’s identity.

  • Football: Several national championships
  • Basketball: Competitive teams with notable achievements
  • Other Sports: Success in baseball, track and field, and more

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Burnt Orange in Sports

Burnt orange is prominently featured in UT’s athletic uniforms and gear, symbolizing the strength and determination of the Longhorns.

  • Football Jerseys: Iconic burnt orange uniforms
  • Fan Merchandise: Popular among supporters and alumni
  • Products: Wide range of items featuring burnt orange

Campus Life

The dynamic campus life at the University of Texas includes various student organizations, events, and traditions.

  • Student Groups: Over 1,000 student organizations
  • Events: Annual events like Texas Independence Day
  • Customs: Long-standing traditions such as the Hex Rally


The State University with Trademark on Burnt Orange is a significant symbol of the university’s identity, tradition, and community spirit. This color connects generations of students, alumni, and fans, representing the enduring spirit of UT.

Key Information about the University of Texas

LocationAustin, Texas
MascotBevo the Longhorn
ColorsBurnt orange and white
Top ProgramsEngineering, Business, Law, Medicine
AthleticsFootball, Basketball, Baseball, etc.
Student GroupsOver 1,000
EventsTexas Independence Day, Hex Rally

Important Dates in Burnt Orange History

1928Burnt orange officially adopted
1960sSpecific shade standardized
2024Featured in NYT crossword

Significance of Burnt Orange

  • Central to UT’s branding
  • Connects the university community
  • Reflects long-standing customs
  • Guarantees exclusive usage
  • Prominent in athletic uniforms and gear

The State University with Trademark on Burnt Orange underscore the importance of color in forging a strong, unified identity for educational institutions. This distinctive color will continue to be a symbol of pride for the UT community for generations to come.

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