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FlexTime Manager, a web-based software solution developed by Eduspire Solutions, is transforming the way K-12 schools manage and automate flexible learning time. In this guide, we’ll explore the features, benefits, and processes associated with FlexTime Manager, shedding light on its functionalities and how it stands out in the educational technology landscape.

Difference between FlexTime Manager and e-hallPass

Let me share you some major difference in listicle form,

FlexTime Manager


  • FlexTime Manager is primarily used for scheduling and managing student activities.
  • Focuses on organizing activities during designated short periods.Like Academic priorities can override student choice as needed.
  • FlexTime Manager allows techers and students for the customization of activities and scheduling.
  • FlexTime Manager handles everything
  • E-hallPass is used for managing student passes and tracking their movement throughout the school.
  • EhallPass is used for managing passes throughout the school days.
  • While ehallPass offers customizable pass settings and management features
  • EhallPass focuses on pass requests and real-time updates.

Eduspire Solutions design for the same purpose according to their need.

EhallPass and FlexTime Manager are intended for usage in K–12 educational institutions.
Both have features that can be tailored to each school’s unique need.
Both seek to enhance productivity and order in the educational setting.

For convenience, both are available via web-based systems.

Creating a Flexible Schedule:

With FlexTime Manager, schools can create schedules that fit different activities. They can change the schedule for different days, weeks, or months. This flexibility helps schools adapt to what’s happening and what students need.

Checking Attendance and Progress:

FlexTime Manager also helps schools keep track of who’s there and how students are doing during flexible learning time. Teachers can see if students are attending and how well they’re doing in their activities. This helps schools understand what’s working well and what needs improvement.

Working with Other Programs:

FlexTime Manager can connect with other programs schools use. This makes it easy to share information and saves time. Schools can use it alongside other tools, making everything work together smoothly.

Signing Up for FlexTime Manager:

To start using FlexTime Manager, schools need to follow a few steps. They can contact FlexTime Manager through their website or email them. Then, they can schedule a demo to see how it works. After that, the school can start using it by setting it up and teaching staff how to use it.

What You Need to Use FlexTime Manager:

To use FlexTime Manager, schools need some things:

  • Technology: You need devices like computers and internet access.
  • Data Integration: FlexTime Manager can work with other school systems to share information.
  • Staff Training: People who work at the school need to learn how to use FlexTime Manager.

Logging into FlexTime Manager:

  • You have a few options. You can log in directly on their website. If your school uses Google, you can use your Google account to log in.
  • There’s also an option to log in using Clever, a tool many schools use to log in to different programs with one account.

Scheduling Activities in FlexTime Manager:

  • You log in, click on “Activities,” and then “New Activity” to create something new.
  • You fill in details like the name, what it’s about, and when it happens.
  • Students who can join will be chosen, and then you click “Create” to finish.

Uploading CSV Files to FlexTime Manager:

Manager lets you use CSV files to manage data. You can upload these files to add information about students or activities. Just make sure the files follow the rules, and if you have issues, you can ask for help from FlexTime Manager support.
Contacting FlexTime Manager Sales:
If you want to know more or talk to someone from FlexTime Manager, you can visit their website or email [email protected]

FlexTime Manager is a handy tool for schools. It helps them plan activities, track attendance, and make learning better. It’s easy to use and can make school life more organized and fun.