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e-hallpass system empowers educators and administrators by enabling them to grant hallway permissions to students while also monitoring activity within a school’s corridors. This device is designed to enhance the accountability of both students and staff, ultimately contributing to improved learner security. The product is available for purchase on a per-learner, per-year basis, providing a comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing school hallway dynamics

Discovering the EHall Pass Free Pilot Program

Schools are important places, and keeping everyone safe is a big job. EHall Pass is a new system that helps schools keep track of where students and staff are. Instead of using old-fashioned paper passes, EHall Pass uses computers to make things easier.

  1. What EHall Pass Does:
    EHall Pass helps schools keep an eye on students and staff in real-time. This means knowing where everyone is and what they’re doing. It’s not just about safety; it also helps schools run more smoothly.
  2. The Free Pilot Program:
    EHall Pass knows that every school is different. So, they have something called the Free Pilot Program. This is like a free trial that lets schools test EHall Pass to see if it works well for them.
  3. Key Features of the EHall Pass Free Pilot Program:
    Risk-Free Exploration: Schools can implement EHall Pass on a trial basis, exploring its features and benefits without any financial commitment.
  4. Customization Options: The Free Pilot Program allows schools to tailor the system to their specific requirements, ensuring a personalized fit for their unique environment.
  5. User Training and Support: EHall Pass understands the importance of a smooth transition. The Free Pilot Program includes training sessions and ongoing support to facilitate a seamless integration process.

Why Schools Like EHall Pass:


      1. Safety First:
        EHall Pass makes schools safer by keeping track of everyone in real-time. This helps if there’s ever a problem.

      1. Easy and Fast:
        Using EHall Pass is way easier than the old paper passes. It makes school work better and saves time.

      1. Smart Information:
        EHall Pass gives schools helpful information. It shows patterns and helps schools plan things better.

    How to Enroll in the Free Pilot Program:

    Participating in the EHall Pass Free Pilot Program is a straightforward process. Schools interested in exploring the benefits of this innovative digital hall pass management system can contact EHall Pass directly to initiate the trial.
    ehall Pass Pricing Details:
    e-hall Pass provides a variety of pricing options tailored to the specific needs of different schools. These plans are crafted to offer schools a cost-effective solution that aligns with their unique requirements. Here’s an overview of the pricing structures available from Ehall Pass:

    EhallPass Free Pilot video

    1. Basic Plan: This plan is well-suited for smaller schools with modest needs. It includes fundamental features like customizable hall pass templates, real-time updates, and reporting tools. The Basic Plan comes at a reasonable monthly fee.
    2. Premium Plan: Designed for medium-sized schools, the Premium Plan encompasses all the features of the Basic Plan and introduces extras such as custom roles and permissions, cleaning and sanitization management, and inventory tracking. The Premium Plan is available at a slightly higher monthly cost.
    3. Enterprise Plan: Tailored for larger schools with intricate requirements, the Enterprise Plan encompasses everything in the Premium Plan and adds advanced features like integrations with other school systems, data analytics, and customized reporting tools. The Enterprise Plan is priced at a higher monthly rate.

    Schools can choose the pricing plan that best suits their needs based on factors such as the number of students, school size, and specific features they require. If schools have unique needs not covered by standard plans, they can request a customized plan.

    Note that in addition to monthly subscription fees, there may be extra costs for customization or integrations. Schools can reach out to Ehall Pass sales for pricing details and to discuss any additional expenses.
    Overall, Ehall Pass offers competitive pricing plans, presenting schools with a cost-effective solution for managing hall passes and enhancing school safety and accountability.
    Free Pilot Program Eligibility:
    For schools to qualify for the free pilot program, they need to have a minimum of 100 students or staff members using the system. Additionally, the school must be located within the United States or Canada.


    As schools continue to prioritize safety and efficiency in their day-to-day operations, digital solutions like EHall Pass emerge as valuable tools. The Free Pilot Program not only offers schools a risk-free opportunity to explore this technology but also represents a commitment from EHall Pass to collaborate with educational institutions in fostering a secure and accountable learning environment.

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