Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out more about Northwood’s E-Hall Pass?

Teachers, And kids, Take note: There will be a special GLAD workshop on Tuesday, September 10. On September 17, there will be a meeting of the Student Parent Teacher Association (PTSA). On September 19, there will be Back to School Night (BTSN).

Why use an electronic system for room tickets?

The Northwood team was able to see how the e-HallPass worked at a school in Maryland and talk to both teachers and students about it. Based on what we found, we can confirm that e-hall passes are a good way to cut down on problems in the classroom.

By letting students make their own ID cards and making it easier for them to be held accountable, the system lets students go to enrichment classes and review classes during GLAD or counselling times without having to miss regular classes.

How does the E-Hall Pass use my personal information when I sign up?

The first and last names and MCPS email addresses from Google are used by the e-hall pass system. Visit for more information about the platform’s privacy and security rules.

E hall pass login?:

To access EHall Pass, users can log in with their designated credentials on the official website.

Pass pass pass access code?

The access code is a secure way to enter E-HallPass and manage movements within the school.

What is e hall pass?

EHallPass is a digital system that modernizes school operations, improving accountability and security.

E hall pass cost?

The cost of e Hall varies based on school needs, offering efficient management in return.

Is e hall pass illegal?

No, ehall pass login enhances safety and accountability within legal data privacy frameworks.

E pass location near me?

E-HallPass provides location services within the school premises.

How To Login For EHall Pass At

Visit, Click login button and using your credentials for easy access.

How to Login For EHall Pass At

Go to is as simple as using your designated
ehall pass login details.

One of the best selling points about e-hallpass is that when I told my teachers about it, they immediately said, ‘Where do we sign up?

ehalloass benefits are recognized by educators for its potential to transform classroom management.

Ready to see the power of e-hallpass for yourself?

E-HallPass offers demonstrations to experience its efficiency firsthand.

What Does a Digital Hall Pass Track?

A digital hall pass tracks student departures, returns, reasons, and teacher approvals.

What Personal Data Does The E-Hall Pass Use When Signing Up?

The E-HallPass collects limited data for secure identification and authorization.

What are the Pros and Cons of Using FlexTime Manager?

FlexTime Manager offers scheduling flexibility but may require training and adjustments.

Where Can I Learn More About The E-Hall Pass In Northwood?

Northwood’s official website offers comprehensive information about E-HallPass.

Who made e-hallpass?

E-HallPass is developed by innovative minds in education technology, focusing on improving student experiences and school operations.