About Us

e-HallPass is a provider of Continuing education courses aimed At graduate teachers. The company offers more than 53-Point courses, That focus on the effective use of technology in the classroom.



Digital Hall Pass for the Future

A cloud-based, contactless digital hall pass system that helps stop mischief, meetups, vaping, graffiti, and much more.

e-hallpass Mobile App – New Faculty Access

We’re happy to let teachers and staff know that the e-hallpass app is now available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

You can sign in to both the mobile app and the web app with the same account and password.

Use the links below to download the app.

Apple Store Link

Google Play Store Link

Eduspire is a provider of graduate teacher Continuing Education courses. The company provides more than 53-Point courses that emphasise the efficient application of technology in the classroom.

Eduspire offers a variety of course delivery options, including online and in-person seminars. In addition, the course fee for some Eduspire courses includes a device.

This article will examine the EHallPass information and how it can improve school hall pass administration.

Eduspire Solutions offers two products to schools, e-HallPass and FlexTime Manager, both of which now include a new management utility. Through the support portal, users can submit service requests, obtain support and instructions, report bugs, and propose ideas for future enhancements.

Eduspire Solutions’ online school software and mobile applications facilitate classroom administration and activity schedules. In 1:1 or BYOD classrooms, our educational software addresses issues by coordinating student activities, flexible time management, activity monitoring, pass management, and school security.