Best Clash Royale Gold Mine Arena Deck for Fast Ladder Climbing

A new series called The Goblin Queen’s Journey began just two weeks ago, and it has captured the attention of many Clash Royale players so much so that many have transferred from normal trophies Journey to Clash Royale exclusive Goblin Queen Journey. Also, if you want to stay ahead in Clash Royale? Top up Clash Royale gems to unlock special rewards for the Goblin Queen’s Journey event today!

In the Gold Mines Arena, the King tower is replaced with the Goblin Queen, while the Archer Princess makes way for Baby Goblin Towers. The Goblin Queen’s special ability to spawn 8 goblins that cover all horizontal space is a game-changer, but using this ability requires filling a bar by using goblin cards. Once you use 20 elixir equivalent to goblin cards, you can activate the ability.

Now, playing this arena without any prior knowledge will not just get you into a continuous loop of defeat but consume time and energy to draft out the better Clash Royale Gold Mine Arena Deck. So to ease it up, after much trial and error and playing hundreds of matches, we came up with the best Clash Royale deck for the first arena, known as the Gold Mines Arena of Goblin Queen’s Journey, including its composition, strategic uses, and benefits.

Note: This event is full of goblin cards. If you’re lacking goblin cards, you can buy a maxed Clash Royale account that already has all goblin cards unlocked and upgraded.

Clash Royale Gold Mine Arena Composition

Best Clash Royale Gold

Card List:

  • Goblin Giant (6 Elixir)
  • Bowler (5 Elixir)
  • Goblin Demolisher (5 Elixir)
  • Goblin Cage (4 Elixir)
  • Goblin Dart (3 Elixir)
  • Goblins (2 Elixir)
  • Arrows (3 Elixir)
  • Log (2 Elixir)

Card Roles:

Some cards are new and if you’re not familiar with any of them, you can understand roles by looking below

  • Goblin Giant: Serves as a bridge point, absorbing attacks from enemy towers and troops.
  • Bowler: Deals area damage to clear mobs.
  • Goblin Demolisher: Throws dynamite and transforms into a Wall Breaker when the health is low.
  • Goblin Cage: Summons a Goblin Brawler, which controls the flow of the fight.
  • Goblin Dart: Fast-moving and highly adaptable, engaging enemy forces and picking off troops.
  • Goblins: Cheap cycle card for fast damage and Distraction.
  • Arrows: Removes swarms and low-health troops from play and then ends its turn.
  • Log:  Expels and damages ground forces by strikes.

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Strategy and Tips for Clash Royale Gold Mine Arena Deck

Best Clash Royale Gold

In Gold Mines Arena, one needs to play several goblin cards to activate the Goblin Queen’s special ability. This ability can come in handy when it sets back your opponent by a large number of turns. The Bowler is necessary to deal with splash damage since the majority of adversaries will be using goblin-themed Clash Royale decks. The Goblin Cage should be positioned to lure out the Goblin Giant at the same time to ensure that both towers shoot at it.

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General Strategy: Focus on a balanced offense and defense by using Goblins to control the battlefield while supporting them with Bowler and Goblin Demolisher for splash damage. The Goblin Giant should be deployed at the bridge when the Goblin Queen’s ability is ready to maximize pressure on your opponent.

Specific Tips:

  • Use the Goblin Queen’s ability by playing 20 Elixir worth of goblin cards. This spawns 8 baby goblins that cover all horizontal space.
  • Deploy the Goblin Giant at the bridge with the Goblin Queen’s ability to maximize pressure on your opponent.
  • Correctly place the Goblin Cage to draw the Goblin Giant and ensure both towers can hit it.
  • Use Goblin Dart to snipe misplayed Goblin Cages, helping your Goblin Giant reach the tower.

You should always note CR decks with high splash damage like Fireball that can swing the battle and eliminate your goblin swarms. These are threats that may be best managed through the use of Bowler and Goblin Cage. The Bowler must not be positioned near the tower; it is recommended to be two steps further up to serve as protection from the Goblin Demolisher’s splashing attack.


These Goblin decks offer a perfect blend of offense and defense, ensuring you stay ahead of your opponents in the Gold Mines Arena. Try out these strategies and share your results in the comments below!